News sources

This is my current list of news sources:

World news

  • The Economist Paid. Global news that cover the economy, politics, sports and culture. I read perhaps 50% of the articles in full, the rest I just skim.
  • Espresso by The Economist Free. Short summary of daily news. I read it every day on my phone, in the morning.
  • Washington Post Freemium. I read most headlines, and usually deep dive on USA society topics.
  • Reuters for Apple TV Free. Up-to-date news in video format. The app auto-generates your choice of 10min, 15min or 30min of news. I love it, watch it about once per day when at home.


  • Launch Ticker Freemium. Daily short news on what's going on in Tech. I read every single email carefully.
  • Stratechery Paid. Daily analysis of important Tech news with a strategy and business angle. Written by Ben Thompson. Articles are interesting, carefully written and feature non-trivial commentary on economic, legal and political issues. I read every single email in full.
  • Dithering podcast Paid. Daily 15 min commentary on Tech, by Ben Thompson and John Gruber. I don't miss a show.
  • Daring Fireball: The Talk Show podcast Free. Weekly podcast by John Gruber, the creator of Markdown and a long-time Apple commentator. I listen to about 50% of the episodes, mostly on long trips.
  • ATP podcast Free. Fun, weekly podcast that covers tech, Apple and programming. I listen to about 25% of the episodes, mostly on long trips.

Life style

  • The Atlantic Paid. Monthly lifestyle magazine. I have started to read it just 3 issues ago.


  • Governo Sombra Free. Commentary on Portuguese and World news. It's a great form of commentary. The 3 participants (+1 host) focus a lot on who said what and how; less than the actual content, like economic or social news; but in doing that, they expose very good points. I hear the podcast only, and never miss a single show.