Some thoughts on investors collected from my experience and conversations with other founders!

Most investors:

  • Are very smart people.
  • Really want to see you succeed, wether or not they invested in you.
  • Ask interesting questions when looking at your data.
  • Work very hard, have difficult schedules and travel a lot.
  • Understand the need to rest properly and to have family time.
  • Are super well connected in the tech industry.
  • Are personally relatable and have similar interests to founders.

On the slightly negative side, a majority of investors:

  • Are very busy and spread too thin. They forget things and repeat questions.
  • Overvalue plans. Plans are important, but challenges have tremendous uncertainty, variability and interdependence. That's why kanban is so popular!
  • Are insecure and suffer too much from "me too" dynamics.
  • Are mostly "about financial deals"; frequently, they don't really understand nor voice opinions on important tech trends.

The minority of Outstanding investors:

  • Always give more than they ask. They are active ambassadors, users, product team members, etc.
  • Have unique, god-view insights into your product and users.
  • Have great taste.
  • Are opinionated and useful when benchmarking your business, qualitatively and quantitatively (like metrics).
  • Get you in contact with other people who also have the traits above.

To be continued!