Portuguese Ecosystem

The following is my personal take on the Portuguese startup ecosystem, and probably is incomplete.

Universities with great track records in Computer Science. North through South:

Companies with Series A by international investors:

Other interesting companies:

  • AirCourts: sports booking app that won the PT market (I'm an angel investor)
  • Blip: agency turned tech center for betting company Paddy Power Betfair
  • sketchapp: co-founded by Emanuel Sá
  • jscrambler: jscrambler
  • LSTS: Lab with an open-source end-to-end toolchain for Autonomous Systems
  • Mindera: agency spawn out of Blip
  • Prozis: very successful online sports nutrition company (Private)

Local funds and VCs that go deep on technology:

International funds that made early bets in PT startups before/ at Series A: