Real Estate


  • In 2030, co-living, co-owning and house time-sharing is big. People are mobile and have contracts that guarantee shelter. The population in the West excluding immigration is declining fast relative to the amount of housing available. That and technology lowers prices. These flexible rental subscriptions have more than a million active contracts. Posted in December 2016, updated wording in May 2018.


  • A real estate marketplace where properties are always on the market. Objective: register properties of owners who want to sell (regular marketplace) and also those who may sell. Assumption: the majority of the owners will sell for a price that is high enough, and there's at least a few buyers who are willing to pay extra for particular properties. Currently, finding the price that makes an owner sell means displaying listing the house for the market to see, which is undesirable. Make a marketplace where all properties are anonymous, revealing only broad info like location, highlights, year of construction, state of conservation, decor style and/ or floor-plan. Interested parties have to make a commitment in order to see more info, like paying a fee (lets say $25), or registering their own property; if they don't make an offer for the property (or another property) within a period, the fee goes to the property owner. Posted Jan 2019.