• In 2025, verifiable video and photos are a reality. A service exist that verifies when and where a video or photo was taken. Such service is used by a top newspaper of the world (WaPost, Times, NYT, etc). It’s composed by an app which records video or pictures, and that guarantees that the media comes from the camera hardware and that location is from the GPS chip, and not some SW hack. The app then calls a service that stores the media and meta data or a hash of the media and metadata. The service can be a blockchain based service. Separate apps and services allow verifying any video posted anywhere on the internet. Posted in Dec 2017.
  • In 2025, region lock for content has faded way. Platforms like Netflix, Spotify and iTunes have grown, and international trade deals have helped trigger catalogues that are 90% equal for access in different regions. Has to include at least US and EU. Posted in Dec 2016.