• 2020: ICOs didn't kill the VC business. VCs still exist and they're still how startups get funded. They still deploy the same kind of money they were deploying in 2016, or more. If ICOs and smart contracts have equity-like legal power then VCs invest through them. There are a few ICOs per ecosystem (storage, computing, services), #ICOs << #Startups using ICOs. (Nov 2017)
  • 2025: Bitcoin (BTC) reaches USD 50.000, Ethereum (ETH) reaches USD 5.000. They don't need to be at those values by 2025, just reach it before 2025. (Jan 2018)
  • 2025: Digital debt is a thing. There is at least one pure-digital debt issuer and one online-first credit worthiness scoring agency. Online identities track your score throughout the internet. They are available for contracting to the majority of clients of a major player with eCommerce or services operations. Can be Amazon, Apple, Google, AliBaba (Dec 2016)