• Want: iOS print as PDF for the share functionality. Sep 2017. Released in iOS 11. Nov 2017.
  • Want: A setting that would make my browser accept and persist cookies only for sites for which I have a password. That is, I don’t mind that a website stores cookies to make my life easier, but I don’t want to help others track me. Sep 2017.
  • Want: Smart App updates. An option for iOS that updates the apps that I use the most more frequently, and the ones that I use infrequently it updates only ~1x month. Apr 2018.
  • 2020: There is a way for non-techies to program connected applications. More than 1 million users create their custom automated workflows apps in a platform. Dec 2016.
  • 2030: In several verticals, SaaS no longer dominates. Ex: accounting, corporate communication, etc. Subscriptions lost to Software that is automatically deployed from a open-source/ private repository to the users infrastructure, which is being managed in a consumption/ subscription model. Recipes automate updating and security, scaling etc (the devops). Nov 2017.