• 2030: AB Testing of governments is now possible. At least one country has 2 duplicated and parallel governments that compete with each other for at least one service. An Example is 2 competing tax authorities, polices, health systems, school systems. Citizens can subscribe to either, with duties rights according to their choice. Likely there is some lock-in when choosing. (Dec 2016) Update: It is required that the services are 100% public, that is, they are ran by the government and not by private companies regulated by the state. It is also required that the funding of the services, that include public workers, depends on the peoples choice. (Dec 2017)
  • 2030: Democracy is strengthened in several countries that now have a 4 "independent" power: Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and Informational. The Information body includes the statistics bureaus, labelling norms and data verification. It overall manages consent in society, including actions of the 3 remaining powers (Jan 2017)
  • 2035: In the years between Brexit announcement (year 2016) and 2035, per-capita GDP (PPP) in the UK will have grown as much or more than EU average (exc. UK) and of DE, FR, IT. (Jan2018).
  • Want: A Transaction Tax that replaces all taxes. This TT is collected by the bank whenever a transaction takes place. Its made of 2 sub-taxes collected at once TT=ST+RT. ST is the Sender Tax and is determined by the Country of the sender of the money; RT is the Receiver Tax and is determined by the Country of where the receiver provides the service; In case the Service isn't rendered in the same country where the receiver actually is, then the Receiver Tax can be compounded by a factor that reflects this. If the Sender is a company and the Receiver a person, then TT is the income tax. If the Sender and Receiver are the same person, we're just moving money around (no tax). But if Sender and Receiver is the same corporation, then TT is a tax for an intra-group transaction. If Sender is a person and Receiver a company, TT is a consumer Sale Tax. If Sender and Receiver are companies, TT is a B2B Sale Tax. Etc. To avoid money flowing to the parallel economy, TT for cash withdrawals is big. TT and ST and RT can vary per activity of Sender and Receiver and by the type of product or service rendered.