Humberto Bento Ayres Pereira.

Many good ideas are generated from interactions. Curious people are easily provoked by what others say they want, by using the state of the art.

In my case, sources of inspiration are my family, colleagues & friends; and always, the anonymous mob on the streets, books and the Web.

I have a work life:

2016-xxxx: Founder of dashdash, the spreadsheet with Integrations (APIs) and a (long due) slick sharing experience.
2014-2016: Founder and Co-CEO at EatFirst.com, an online restaurant.
2012-2014: Founder and CEO at Skin.pt, a Health & Beauty business.
2009-2011: MBA at Harvard Business School.
2008-2009: Consultant at McKinsey in strategy & tech projects.
2006-2007: Caltech road vision research fellow for the DARPA race.
2002-2007: EE+CS Engineering at the University of Porto.

I also occasionally so micro-investments and work with a few other startups

2020-xxxx: Angel investor (pre-seed) at XXXXXXXXXXXX.
2020-xxxx: Advisor and Angel Investor (Seed) at Replai.ai.
2014-xxxx: Board Member, Angel Investor (pre-seed) and a minor Co-Founder of AirCourts, a sports booking service.

I cycle (casually) and run.