Marketing managers

Marketing manager is a position that includes everyone from a CMO to a sales operator. All should have extensive sales experience and should be in permanent contact with your target customer. After all, they are the first contact with the costumer. They bring home the bacon. Whomever wants to be in marketing must love a product and be ruthless and objectives oriented.

Again, I check them for their 3 responsibilities:

1. Sales, sales, sales

  • how much do you think we're selling? How much do you think we could sell? If I hire you, how much will sales grow in 1, 3 and 12 months?
  • what was your biggest sale ever? Tell me all about it
  • how many potential customers do you know? How many can you convert within 1 week? How would you find more?
  • what are the 4 Ps of marketing? what's important about them?
  • what do you think of our product/ service? what are our products' key selling points? How do you assess it versus the competition?
  • talk to me about our pricing strategy
  • how well are we placed? Do you know these channels well? How would you characterize them? Tell me about performance and non-performance channels. Online and offline. What is the reach, the key influencers, the customer education needed for each?
  • what do we need to do to get a customer on board? What is the sales funnel? How much incentive? How do you keep them?

2. Create quality campaigns

  • how do you design a campaign? What's the starting point?
  • tell me all about CTAs
  • how do you measure campaigns? What are the best KPIs to track marketing performance for our company?
  • what are leading and lagging indicators?
  • how do you make campaigns better? Does AB testing really work?
  • design a process to track a whole team of sales people - for marketing, for a particular channel, or campaign

3. Keep customers excited

  • create a few variations of the X CTA
  • why do customers stop buying?
  • what qualifies as "customer amazement"?
  • what is the prettiest thing you've ever done?

At the end ask for the relevant references and cross check them with the story which formed on your head!