Business Intelligence

The BI manager is an extremely special role. Generally people who support decision making are necessarily part of the operation. They are very connected, on the ground. They have daily ownership. But not the BI manager. The BI manager raises the bar of intelligence throughout the company, wherever she or he is called.

To me, a BI manager has 3 main responsibilities, and these are the questions that trigger my understanding of him.

  1. Create impact through BI
    • What are we doing in this company?
    • What's the objective of this company?
    • How would you measure this success?
    • How do you classify different indicators? Tell to me about leading and lagging indicators.
    • What is performance? What is productivity? What is output?
    • How do you track performance? How do you predict performance?
    • Tell me about the biggest impact you've created in a company. How do you know it was you who caused it?
  2. Develop informed recommendations
    • how do you organize yourself?
    • how should people ask for a new study from you?
    • what are your favourite tools for analysis?
    • what are cohorts? Build a cohort model
    • what is SQL? Create a simple query for X
    • how do you project an operation into the future?
    • (provide file) what's going on in our business?
    • Tell me the last time you screwed up some data. Why did that happen?
    • What is an attribution model?
  3. Hold a standard of Experimentation & Truth
    • How do you build appropriate AB testing?
    • Dali didn't have BI. Coca-cola and Hermes didn't have BI when they started. Is BI really that important? How?
    • How do you vote?
    • Tell me about astrology
    • How should I evaluate and compensate you?

Don't forget to cross check his or her answers with external references.