Be your own boss

I have heard many times from colleagues and friends that “life’s just about enough”. I’ve never truly believed in this. Everyone feels special. Everyone is special. And very likely everyone wants to continue special.

And so in my view there’s not one person who is not ambitious, it just happens that there are many kinds of ambition. Some want to be artists, other politicians, some want to be great lovers, others rock stars.

Some of us want to build something for the world. Yet it’s hard to start at the top. Many get impatient at their stepping-stone jobs. They want to be at the top from the start. They want to be the boss. Fast.

Well, it’s easier than you may think. All you need is to start by being your own boss.

How to achieve this even when you’re not in fact (on paper) a boss?

If your plan is to one day be a leader, you have to avoid at all costs being isolated. If you are not on top of all aspects of your trade - directly or indirectly thinking about strategic, organizational and operational - someone else will have to be. And you’ll miss out on the opportunity to grow.

Act like your area is your own mini-company. Behave like it’s your life, and don’t miss out on detail and fun.

Be your own boss.